Upcoming Live Webinars

Michael Gaeta

All Disease Becomes Autoimmune: Understanding the Autoimmune Process

with Michael Gaeta

Mon, Sep 29 12:00 pm PDT

Autoimmune conditions, which now include at least 155 diseases, are one of the most rapidly-growing category of conditions, affecting some 50 million (1 in 6) Americans. In this introductory lecture, you will learn two primary causes of...

That Study Is Wrong: The Truth About Research

with Marlene Merritt

Tue, Sep 30 12:00 pm PDT

Why is nutrition research so confusing? Eggs are good, then they're bad, then they're good. Fat was fine for centuries, then we went on a low-fat craze, and now fat is making a come-back. If alcohol is so bad for us, why do people who drink live...

Common Sense Nutrition

with Marlene Merritt

Thu, Oct 16 11:00 am PDT

So what IS the right way to eat? Vegan? Paleo? The Zone? Atkins? Pescatarian? Low fat? Dairy-free? The choices are endless and who can figure out the truth amongst all the conflicting headlines and differing research? There are a few missing...