Neuropuncture: Case studies-Sciatica.

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This webinar will be a continuation from the last Neuropuncture Case study webinar on August 1st. Dr. Corradino will review 2 cases of sciatica and illustrate the Neuropuncture clinical assessment process and throughly explain the highly effective Neuropuncture evidence-based electro acupuncture protocol for Sciatica. Just a real excellent targeted and neuroscience focused treatment. It is extremely important for us as practitioners to understand the neuroscience of our patient's conditions and then target the specific pathological tissues with evidence-based electro acupuncture protocols.

Learning Objectives

To understand how to utilize the Neuropuncture Clinical Assessment process. To learn the Neuropuncture Sciatica protocols, prone and supine. To understand how to combine the Neuropuncture body system with the Neuropuncture Auricular system for maximum benefits for those difficult cases.

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