Frequently Asked Questions

General Assistance

To watch a Live Webinar or a Recorded Webinar, you must be signed into Medigogy. Accounts are free at Medigogy and it only takes a few moments to sign up. If you already have an account, just sign into your account. Once you have signed into your account navigate over to live webinars list or the recorded archives list and choose the webinar you would like to watch.

No, both live webinars and recorded webinars do not require a microphone or webcam. Only the presenter needs a webcam and microphone. During the webinar, no one will be able to hear or see you, however you can communicate via the chat box.

Technically it is possible, however it is not recommended unless you have an unlimited data plan. Watching live webinars or recorded webinars can consume a large amount of data.

Wireless connections seem to work ok for viewing our webinars. Although, we have found that a wireless connection is more intermittent and can easily lose audio and video in the middle of the webinar. Therefore, we encourage plugging straight into your modem or router for best viewing quality and reliability. If you are watching with wireless and you lose audio/video, wait for a few moments to see if it fixes itself. If it does not, close the webinar, and re-enter. This solves 95% of issues.

First, verify that your computer speakers are on and your computer’s volume is at an audible level. If you are still having trouble, it is probably due to your internet connection. Close the webinar, check your internet connection, then re-enter the webinar. This resolves most issues.

We do our best to get you handouts. However not all webinars come with handouts. If handouts exist, you must be signed in and can find them on the webinar description page.

To watch a Live Webinar or a Recorded Webinar, you must be signed into Medigogy. Accounts are free at Medigogy and it only takes a few moments to sign up. If you already have an account, just sign into your account.

Once you are logged in you can access Live Webinars from the Upcoming Webinars page, or watch past Recorded Webinars in the Webinar Archives section.

Then navigate to the webinar you would like to watch. After the webinar descriptions are links to the webinar recordings, MP3s and more. (If you are not logged in, this information will be hidden.)

Live Webinars

It is an essential add-in to get the full experience from our live webinars. This download typically takes 1 minute or less.


Medigogy is offered as a free service to practitioners and the public. It's one hour live webinars and recorded webinars are not CEU approved.

Please visit our partner Pro D Seminars for online webinars, recorded webinars, live classes and online classes for continuing education credits.

Please conduct an online automated test to ensure your computer is set up with the appropriate tools to participate in a live Medigogy webinar. Run a Free Webinar Test

Recorded Webinars

We support Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Whichever browser you prefer, please use the most up-to-date version available to ensure that everything on the site works smoothly.

Here is a list of devices and browsers we currently support, along with which method of playback.

Firefox (any version): Flash
Safari (5+): HTML5
Chrome (any version): HTML5
Opera (any version): Flash

Firefox (21+): HTML5
Chrome (any version): HTML5
Internet Explorer (11+): HTML5
Internet Explorer (older): Flash
Opera (any version): Flash

Default browser (any version): HTML5
Chrome (any version): HTML5
Firefox (any version): HTML5

Safari (any version): HTML5

Internet Explorer (9+): HTML5

Buffering is a way of preloading the videos you watch so that fluctuations in your Internet connection don't cause choppy playback.

When you play a video, a light gray bar will advance in front of the playhead, showing you how much of your video has been buffered. Your playback should be smooth as long as you're viewing your video within the light gray buffer region.

If you're experiencing choppy playback, pause the video, allow the video to buffer for a few moments, then try playing your video again!

If you are experiencing playback issues, please try the following things first:

  • Close all other tabs on your browser or close the browser entirely and then open the video again fresh.
  • Make sure that you are not using any other programs that are currently downloading
  • Try another browser entirely
  • Make sure that your internet connection has sufficient speed