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Mission Statement

MediGogy was born to help heal our communities through online education.

Simple to use yet full of amazing qualities that will cater to most everyone. The dynamic character of MediGogy will change from webinar to webinar depending on the presenter and topic. At one time or another it is sure to become part of your continued ally in your search for deeper knowledge. MediGogy believes in forward thinking while maintaining tradition.

Some courses can be shared on your website and social media to help you educate your communities on natural approaches to prevent and treat illness . Professional, user friendly, and convenient are the pillars that MediGogy is built on.

MediGogy intends to help raise the bar as far as practitioner competency and patient information is concerned. In turn, this will help more people in need, all over the world. Another passionate endeavor from ProD Seminars, built on a foundation of honest desire to aid in the advancement of healthcare.


Medigogy (Medi-go-jee) is the study of health and wellness online.

It started off with humble beginnings in 2008 under the banner of TCM TV and evolved to Healthstream.TV. By 2009 it became Medigogy under sponsorship and support of ProD Seminars and Dr. Lorne Brown's clinic, Acubalance Wellness Centre of Vancouver, BC

Medigogy has brought live and recorded webinars to tens of thousands of users and continues to look forward to the future of bringing informative webinars for free to healthcare professionals and the public looking to learn natural approaches to well-being and vitality.

Medigogy's mission is to help improve our health and well-being through online education.

Learn * Share * Heal.

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