Neuropuncture- A Neuroscience Acupuncture Approach to Opioid Titration

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In this one hour free Medigogy webinar Dr Corradino will present how to implement Neuropuncture's treatment principles in the treatment to Opioid titration. With todays opioid crisis/ epidemic in America natural treatments have been integrated in many major treatment centers all around the country, and are even being sought after my patients. Understanding the neuroscience of acupuncture and apply that understanding, maximizes your clinical outcomes. Dr Corradino will share several case studies and his clinical Neuropuncture approach for opioid titration.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn the neurophysiological mechanisms of acupuncture.
2. understand the current neurophysiological mechanisms of opioid withdrawal.
3. Basics of Electro Acupuncture (EA)
4. Learn Neuropuncture protocols for opioid withdrawal


Dr Corradino has just launched his online Neuropuncture training program called NeroLab. This is a Neuropuncture training membership platform that offers 2 live webinars monthly, extra uploaded short videos, ground-breaking research with clinical applications, patient and referring physician education tools, and priority email support for members that need immediate clinical case management. Members also get direct access to Dr Corradino, with internship and clinical observation opportunities at his San Diego practice, and a complimentary Neuropuncture clinical wall chart so that you can begin educating your NEXT patient :) To become certified and a licensed Neuropuncture acupuncturist practitioners must complete all 9 CEU Neuropuncture webinars thru ProD and be a NeuroLab member.

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Online CEU/PDA/CPD Courses by Michael Corradino

Michael has nine modules for his Neuropuncture course on Pro D Seminars. To view them: click here