How Auricular Medicine Can Get You Effective and Fast Results

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This webinar is an update from her original lecture .... Listening to the Ear: How Auricular Medicine Can Guide Clinical Treatment (

In this lecture, I will discuss how the ear presents a dynamic, current picture of the health of your patient. The more we learn about the auricle, the more alive it becomes, and the more exciting this medicine becomes. The Ear holds the story of your patient, and you can learn how to decipher that story. The ear reveals disturbances - even ones that are unknown or seem unimportant to the patient. Learn to see the ear as a dashboard that can guide your clinical treatment plans.

The expansive potential of this “tool” called the ear is often overlooked, even by those who already incorporate auricular acupuncture into their practices. Layers of information are being offered to us – but we need to learn how to see it – we need to learn how to “Listen” to the Ear.

For those interested in deepening their understanding and skills using auricular medicine, Foundations of German Auricular Acupuncture is a 30 PDA/CEU/CPD approved online program through Pro D Seminars. The online training is the prerequisite for the hands-on in-person courses and is part of the Level I certification in German Auricular Medicine.

The Level I certification requires:
1. Completion of the 7 module (30 CEU/PDA/CPD) online study
2. Level I hands-on in-person follow-up
3. Ten case reports (Clinical Practicum 1)

Hands-on practical classes offered through Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine:

Level I Onsite: Enhanced Assessment and Treatment

Level II: Clearing Blockages to Healing

Auricular Acupuncture courses available online and approved for CEU/PDA/CPD