The 4 W's of Acupuncture Cervical Ripening, Birth Preparation and Labour Induction. Who, When, Why, and What You Need to do to

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There are a lot of conflicting and sometimes contradictory information regarding obstetrical care within the TCM community today. Before practicing in this field, it is important to understand and appreciate the unique demands that accompany treating pregnancy and childbirth.
This session will discuss what information needs to be gathered when preparing the mother for birth, how to assess a patient appropriately and how to choose a safe and effective treatment.

Learning Objectives

-Gathering and assessing information in late pregnancy
-Educating patients and managing expectations leading up to childbirth
-The real difference between cervical ripening and labour induction and deciding which is most appropriate
-Contraindications and cautions around induction
- Acupuncture points and combinations for birth preparation and induction